Our workshops are offered FREE of charge. The schedule is posted in our centre, in the Fort Saskatchewan Record, and on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Contact us to register today 780 992 0250.


Job Readiness Workshops


Career Exploration & Planning

Complete various assessments to determine your skills, values, and goals. Research your careers interest in depth using ALIS and learn about setting and achieving your goals.


Personality Dimensions

What is your Personality Type? Gain insight into aspects of your personality and how you relate to others personally and professionally in a workplace setting.


Overcoming Obstacles

Learn about the various obstacles one may face during a job search or at work. Gain strategies to overcome these obstacles and get info on available resources in our community.


Dealing with Career Transitions

Learn techniques to manage changes in your career path. Understand, take charge, and prepare for career change; reevaluate your skills; research your new career interest; overcome fears and reduce stress.


Job Searching Has Changed

Learn about the local labour market information and how to access the hidden job market. Receive information on cold calling and networking, self marketing and get started with our job search assistance.


Interview: Prepare to Succeed (1 Day)

Learn tips, tricks, dos and don’ts of successful interviews. Review common questions and learn how to answer difficult questions. Prepare your answers and practice your new skills in a mock interview exercise.


Market Yourself with a Portfolio

Learn about portfolios as a marketing tool in your job search. Learn what should go into a portfolio and how to display the right information to potential employers.


Employer Expectations

Learn about common workplace expectations and their importance in job retention, create a lasting impression and learn how to correct workplace behaviours.


Customer Service Excellence

Complete exercises on ways to provide excellent customer service and maintain professional in any work environment. View examples of excellent service and roll play scenarios in case study activities.


Budgeting = Financial Success!

Learn all about effective money management including setting budgets and financial goals, figuring out how and where you spend your money, tips to saving money and boosting your income and responsible credit usage.

Handing Workplace Conflicts

Learn how to deal with conflict in the workplace. Is your workplace about to erupt? Learn how to identify workplace conflicts and receive strategies to help resolve common workplace issues.


Employee Rights & Workplace Safety

Learn how to stay safe in the workplace. Know the hazards, how to protect yourself, responsibilities of employers and workers, how to speak up and ask questions.


Class 7 Learner’s License Preparations

(2 full days – Testing held at Farnese Insurance the following AM)
Having a license opens doors. Learn what you need to know to take and pass your Class 7 (Beginners License.)


Office Administration Professional

(3.5 days: Full days – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and .5 day on Friday)
Get ready for a career in office administration by attending our Office Administration Professional course that will update and improve your skills in MS Office, Customer Service and Office Etiquette. Please note attendance in the workshop requires participation in the Job Placement Program. Contact our office for more information.


Working in the Oil & Gas Industry

Learn about the local labour market, positions in the oil and gas industry, how to find these opportunities, what skills you need to be successfully hired and learn about funding for “must have” safety certification.


Entrepreneurship & Leadership

Thinking about self employment or wondering what it takes to be a great leader? This workshop helps participants to determine if Self Employment is the right choice as well as how to lead a strong and productive team.


Public Speaking (1 Day)

Talking to a group of people can be scary. This workshop offers strategies to overcome your fears and provides a safe environment to practice writing and presenting short speeches to receive a standing ovation from your audience.


Transferable Skills

Considering a new career or returning to the workplace after a long period and not sure what skills you have that would be transferable? This workshop helps participants determine what transferable skills are and sets out many examples. You will also complete an exercise to determine what some of your transferable skills might be. They can be used in your resume for jobs you are applying for.

Computer Workshops


Typing for Beginners (2 Day)

In this 2 day workshop you will learn the basics of the Typing Keyboard and Keypad including practicing proper finger placement. Complete various timings to increase your speed. Enjoy games and go online to explore helpful and fun websites.


Computers for Beginners (1 Day)

Learn that basics of operating a computer and surfing the internet to assist in your job search


Introduction to Email (1 Day)

Learn how to set up an email address, operate the various functions in email and attach resumes. Know what to say to employers and send test emails to practice your new skills.


Social Media 101

Learn how to use social media as a job search resource. Learn the advantages of social media to market your skills as well as the disadvantages that could be hazardous to your job search.