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We provide flexible FREE job services and programs to adults (18+) looking for and wanting to maintain employment and get a job in Fort Saskatchewan and surrounding areas.

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We offer training in 3 high demand industry specializations. Our 12 week programs are fully funded by the Gov of AB and free to attend.

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We have been helping people get a job in Fort Saskatchewan and surrounding areas since opening operations in 2003. At Careers Under Construction, we have served clients in the Fort Saskatchewan area throughout many economic cycles.

As an organization we offer flexible, client driven services that assist clients with varying levels of barriers, from a variety of demographics. The barriers with this client group can include a lack of local labour market information, lack of training or certification and/or emotional and physical barriers to get a job and retaining gainful employment.


Our mission is to empower our clients to reach their full potential by providing free, effective, and action-oriented job readiness and placement solutions.


Our vision is to become an area leader in providing the best job readiness and placement services to improve our client’s confidence, productivity and business aptitude.

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All of our programs are fully funded by the Government of Alberta.

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Our aim is for our clients to find and maintain full time employment and for employers to connect with potential employees.

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