Computer Skills

Computer Skills 9am – 12pm In this interactive workshop participants will learn the basic tools necessary to gain introductory knowledge and experience on programs such as Microsoft Office, the best …

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Motivation 12:30pm – 4pm This workshop will help you harness your motivation! It will help you recognize your passions, what your mission in life is, bring forth your talents, it …

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Interview Skills

Interview Skills 9am - 12pm This workshop teaches you tips and tricks on how to professionally present yourself during an interview. This workshop is beneficial to everyone to have the ability …

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Open House

OPEN HOUSE: October 07, 2022 from 1PM to 3PM. Join us to celebrate CUC marking our 1 year return back to Fort Saskatchewan. Watch our social media updates for further information about …

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Networking Skills

 Networking Skills 9am-12pm Today's job market requires you to understand the importance of networking and how to network in a way that fits your abilities and interests in your preferred industries. …

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Exploring Your Why

October 20th: Exploring Your Why 1pm - 4pm Some of us go through each day searching for our “why”—the purpose of our existence. Some stumble in their searches, while others make …

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Join us to welcome Women Building Futures at CUC for an info session on women in the trades & programs they have to offer. Call 780.992.0250 to register your spot!

Resume Development

This workshop teaches you tips and tricks on how to efficiently build your own resume and it also teaches you how to professionally present yourself in your resume. You will …

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