Transferable Skills

Transferable Skills       9am - 12pm Considering a new career or returning to the workplace after a long period of time and not sure what skills transfer? This workshop helps participants determine what transferable skills are and sets out many examples. Call 780.992.0250 to register your spot!

Change & Stress Management

Change & Stress Management 1pm-4pm Learn how to understand the difference between change and transition and how to take control of those transitional phases of life. In this workshop you will be stimulated to think about your fears of change, and identify how to move past them. Call 780.992.0250 to register your spot!

Interview Skills

Interview Skills 1pm-4pm Learn tips, tricks, dos and don'ts of successful interviews. Review common questions and learn how to answer difficult questions. Prepare your answers and practice your interview skills! Call 780.992.0250 to register your spot!

Personality Dimensions

Personality Dimensions 9am-12pm This workshop is the first step to understanding individual preferences, styles, temperament types, and how to recognize your own unique blend of strengths and qualities. Learn to appreciate others differences and use your knowledge of self and others to improve interpersonal relations and emotional intelligence. Call 780.992.0250 to register your spot!

Overcoming Obstacles

Overcoming Obstacles 1pm - 4pm This workshop will target on how to distinguish Adaptive Challenges from Technical Challenges that are present in your everyday life. It will help you understand and teach you how to approach procrastination and understand your own mental strength to further set yourself in a position to fast forward your career. …

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Attitude: Staying Positive

Attitude: Staying Positive 9am-12pm In this workshop, you will be stimulated to think about your attitude towards employment, and will gain an understanding of the importance of staying positive and the tools to maintain positivity in your employment search. Call 780.992.0250 to register your spot!

Conflict Management

Conflict Management 1pm – 4pm This workshop teaches you tips and tricks on how to navigate your ways through conflict that you may face in your everyday life healthily. It also shows how you can understand yourself introspectively and make better decision to resolve conflict. Virtual Option Available. Call 780.992.0250 to register your spot!

Computer Skills

Computer Skills 9am – 12pm In this interactive workshop participants will learn the basic tools necessary to gain introductory knowledge and experience on programs such as Microsoft Office, the best job searching websites and tools, how to use and navigate Zoom and other virtual meeting platforms through hands on practice regarding basic computer concepts. Virtual …

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Motivation 12:30pm – 4pm This workshop will help you harness your motivation! It will help you recognize your passions, what your mission in life is, bring forth your talents, it also shows you how to recognize your skills and use them to good use in a professional and personal environment. Virtual Option Available. Call 780.992.0250 …

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Workplace Professionalism

Workplace Professionalism 9am – 12pm n this valuable workshop, you will learn how to be a well performing professional individual in a workplace. It will teach you to build career success, relationships and how to promote respect in a workplace AND exhibit professionalism. Virtual Option Available. Call 780.992.0250 to register your spot!

Fearless: Manage Difficult Emotions

Fearless: Manage Difficult Emotions – Virtual 9am -12pm In this virtual workshop you will learn the first steps on how to mentally prepare yourself to move forward in reaching career and employment goals. You will learn about anxiety, how to adapt to change, become more emotionally resilient and able to express and manage negative or difficult …

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Personality & Your Occupation

Personality & Your Occupation 1pm – 4pm This workshop is about understanding yourself and your personality type using the Myer's-Briggs Theory. It shows you how your personality type relates with your work habits, relationship building skills and optimal career characteristics. Virtual Option Available. Call 780.992.0250 to register your spot!

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