We Have Been Training People for Skilled Trades Jobs in Fort Saskatchewan and around Alberta for over 35 years

Our experience delivering job readiness programming for Skilled Trades Jobs, and our connections with employers, has provided us ample evidence that employers are seeking to hire individuals who possess the personal skills and capacities to be good and valuable employees. These skills and capacities go beyond the technical training in an industry or occupation. Employers are looking for candidates who show a high level of emotional intelligence, strong interpersonal skills, the ability to manage stress and cope with change, and those who show determination and innovation. As companies integrate more artificial intelligence in their business operations and replace labor with automation, recruiting emotionally intelligent employees is paramount to achieving business goals.  We will train and connect you with Fort Sask skilled trade jobs in this ever-changing employment climate.

Our Fort Saskatchewan team delivers Skilled Trades Jobs Training Programs to prepare you for any jobsite

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Horizontal Directional Drilling Specialization

Program graduates will gain access to essential skills training in Horizontal Directional Drilling.  Our 12 week program is comprehensive of tools training, adaptive leadership skills and placement for graduates in high demand jobs.

Skilled Labour/Concrete Specialization

In this high demand job specialization, program graduates will access all of the necessary skills and tools training required to successfully work in the concrete industry.  Our 12 week addresses the soft skills necessary to excel in this in-demand industry.

Skilled Labour/Landscape Specialization

Our Landscape Specialization program graduates will learn how to operate the tools and machinery unique to their industry.  Our 12 week program provides graduates with job placement and soft skills training to succeed in any workplace.

Eligible participants have access to subsidies to help with living expenses while attending programming

We know that living expenses don’t stop while you’re attending our Government-Funded 12 week programs.  Subsidies are available to help for participants who qualify.  Contact us today to find out more.

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